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This website shows the large range of "Designer Planters" available from Office Planters. We are based in East Sussex and the range of plant containers shown here is aimed at business customers such as Garden Designers, Interior Designers, Developers, Specifiers and Architects. At Office Planters we have over 20 years experience in sourcing planters and plant containers. Many of our customers require something "special" and different.  We import most of the planters that you see here directly from Europe

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Lechuza Planters

lechuza quadro

lechuza cubico

lechuza classico lechuza cararo lechuza delta  lechuza balconera lechuza rondo
  Lechuza Quadro Lechuza Cubico Lechuza Classico Lechuza Cararo

Lechuza Delta

Lechuza Balconera Lechuza Rondo

Metal Planters

polished aluminium planters

titanium zinc planters

zinclook galvanised planters


stainless steel planters zinclook planters president stainless steel planters silver leaf planters
   Polished Aluminium Titanium Zinc Zinclook Galvanised English Stainless Steel Zinclook Standard President Stainless Steel Silver Leaf


stainless steel


Brushed aluminium planters

tall planters galvanised zinc planters gold leaf planters   Probably the best selection of planters in the UK  
  European Stainless Steel Brushed Aluminium Tall Stainless Steel Galvanised Zinc Real Gold Leaf    

Ceramic Planters

deluxe ceramic blue ceramic carmine ceramic sepia ceramic metal glaze bruin
  DeLuxe Ceramic Blue Ceramic Carmine Ceramic Sepia Ceramic Lime Ceramic Metal Glaze  Bruin
  mystic ocean planter rainbow ceramic planter anthracite ceramic planter studded planter terra tangra white ceramic black glow planter


Mystic Ocean

Rainbow Ceramic

Anthracite Ceramic



White Ceramic

Black Glow

Various Planters terra cotta pots banana planter bloom illuminated plant pot krappa planter croco plant pots versailles planter egg mosaic planter
  Terra-cotta  Banana  Illuminated Krappa  Croco Versailles Egg Mosaic
glass fibre planters havana plant pots bark finish planter phornax planters callisto planers water jar radica planter replica terracotta
 Classic GRP Havana Bark Phornax Callisto Water Jar  Radica Replica Terracotta
fibreglass bowl carrara vase mellow pot polystone planters hardwood planters senza ramo planters cemani teak plant pots
 Fibreglass Carrara Mellow Polystone Planters  Iroko Hardwood Planters Senza Ramo Cemani Teak Picasso Twist

Purchase orders are accepted from, schools, hospitals and other government agencies.
If you are a retail customer, we are happy to deal with you but please note that this is primarily a business to business website and the prices shown are exclusive of Value Added Tax.

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